Financial Literacy Amongst an Information Overload with Grace Salvino

In this episode, we are joined by Grace Salvino, a Wealth Manager at the multi-generational independent RIA firm, Performance Wealth. Grace brings her insights into the misinformation the next generation of clients receives daily, working to promote accurate financial literacy and informed investment decisions.

They also discussed:

  • The misconception of becoming experts in finance through social media exposure.
  • Performance Wealth and its emphasis on transparency and hands-on involvement in investment decisions.
  • Compounding interest and the significance of starting investments early.
  • Grace’s personal motivation to see clients reach their financial goals at a younger age.
  • The importance of proactive financial planning, living within one’s means, and investing early.
  • Communication with next-gen and the need for open dialogues, face-to-face interactions, and personal contact over technology.

Resources: Performance Wealth

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