Financial Advisors Can Find the Right Version of Independence with Barrett Ayers, Louis Diamond and Jim Dickson

Adhesion Wealth, Diamond Consultants, and Sanctuary Wealth are all well-known for their laser focus on providing customized solutions to support the widely varied business models and challenges faced by advisors who are looking to go or already have gone independent. 

In this episode of Power Your Advice, Adhesion Wealth President, Barrett Ayers, takes the reins and leads a fascinating discussion with Louis Diamond, Executive Vice President and Head Consultant at Diamond Consultants, and Jim Dickson, CEO of Sanctuary Wealth, about what’s going on in the breakaway and independent channels. They also provide insight and practical options for advisors who are considering going independent:

  • The acceleration of advisor movement during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Why are advisors deciding to go independent today? What challenges does that decision bring? 
  • How has the growth of the independent channel allowed more people to find their right version of independence?
  • What should advisory firms be doing to make themselves more attractive for new advisors looking for an affiliation model?
  • What are some challenges advisors face when going independent? And what solutions are available to address them?

Resources:  Adhesion Wealth | Diamond Consultants | Sanctuary Wealth