Evolving From Financial Planning to Life Planning

The only constant is change. 

And that change is happening these days at an unprecedented pace. Wealth transfer, the rise of the younger generations, the arrival of artificial intelligence, and the maturing landscape of financial planning. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Lindsay Troxell – speaker and founder of the value-add platform Our Coaching Initiative – to talk about the need for advisors to evolve in order to stay competitive. Her mission is to help financial advisors offer a human-first approach to wealth and health

Matt & Lindsay discuss:

  • Why curiosity is the secret sauce for problem solving and personal growth
  • How to recognize the difference between saying you’re different and truly standing out 
  • Why AI is a valuable tool and not a threat to your practice
  • Thoughts > Emotions > Actions > Results
  • How millennials and Gen Z differ from boomers in their wants and needs
  • The impact of the impending (massive) wealth transfer
  • How to decide between doing this yourself and outsourcing it
  • Why effective communication skills are just as important for your team as your clients, and how you can give yourself a quick assessment with AI

Life planning to me is when you are sitting down and understanding where people want to go in the future, but then walking them back and coming to this true roadmap of how they’re going to get there.” ~Lindsay Troxell

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