Empowering Change and Investing in Others with Jeff Vivacqua

Explore the dynamic intersection of financial services and philanthropy with Jeff Vivacqua, the new chairman of the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation, as he shares insights on empowering communities, raising industry visibility, and fostering impactful change.

Topics also discussed:

  • Jeff’s journey with Invest in Others, rooted in personal and professional philanthropic values.
  • His key objectives as the newly appointed chairperson, emphasizing the need to raise visibility in the financial services industry.
  • The natural inclination of financial professionals towards charitable initiatives and the role of Invest in Others in amplifying their efforts.
  • Jeff shares the influence of his affiliation with Invest in Others on his professional connections and the expansion of his network.
  • Challenges in philanthropic contributions, stressing the importance of supporting small charities and the impact even modest donations can make.
  • Looking ahead, Jeff discusses upcoming programs and events for Invest in Others, including the Charitable Champions program, grant opportunities, and the annual gala. He also outlines the organization’s strategic plan for growth and encourages support and involvement from the broader community.

Resources: Invest in Others