Deborah Owens Gets Taken for a Ride With Her First Car Lease

Deborah Owens , aka America’s Wealth Coach and creator of WealthyU literally drove down the value of her car, and actually owed money at the end of her lease. She admits she didn’t even know the difference between owning and leasing a car.

In Deborah’s money story you will learn:

  • How Deborah found out she owed money on her car at the end of her lease
  • Why Deborah made the decision to lease a car based solely on one piece of information
  • The questions Deborah wished she had asked when she got the car
  • In Deborah’s money lesson you will learn:

  • How she has applied the lessons from the first car she had to every future car she has owned or leased
  • How she pays for and how long she now drives cars and her advice for others
  • What she learned about where it is best to finance a car

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    Her car buying negotiation tips

  • In Deborah’s Money tip you will learn:
  • How to assess big purchases like cars
  • What to look for and what to ask when making those decisions
  • Why car buyers need to look at more than the monthly payments
  • The price of extended lease and loan terms
  • In my take you will learn:

  • Why you need to read not just the fine print but all the print.
  • Specific techniques others will use to get you to sign something without reading it first.
  • The importance of paying attention to how long a loan is, and how you can save money with a shorter loan