Death, Rats and Ether With Zed Heimensen

There are often many lessons in previous historical events that can be implemented in today’s day to improve people’s lives or even help them achieve their goals.

In this episode of The WIN Podcast, What’s Important Now, Corey Heimensen sits down with Zed Heimensen to discuss how the Black Plague and the history behind anesthesia can be related to the behavior people have today when making important financial decisions.

Corey & Zed discuss:

  • A summary of what the Black Plague was and how this epidemic can be related when we make decisions out of panic in the market
  • Why the Black Plague increased the number of lawyers
  • How anesthesia was first used in medicine and how this story relates to clients’ relationships with Heimensen Wealth Advisors
  • The importance of appreciating modern improvements]

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