Creating a Successful Exit Plan as a CEO with Scott Bening

Step into the shoes of a CEO turned retiree who has made the most of his golden years! 

Join Tim Scannell as he welcomes Scott Bening, the retired CEO of Monosol, LLC and Amazon Best Selling Author, to the show. Discover how Scott expertly navigated his retirement journey and transitioned into a productive and satisfying next chapter in life. Don’t miss out on valuable insights and inspiration to plan your own successful exit strategy. 

Scott discusses:

  • How he, as a retired CEO, curated his personalized exit plan
  • How to keep yourself busy in retirement 
  • Why even CEOs can worry about their finances during retirement
  • The process of writing his book “Formulating Solutions” 
  • How the online platform “Scribe” can help you write a book too
  • And more

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