College Planning for Athletes with Justin King

In the landscape of college sports, the concept of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) has emerged as a game-changer for student-athletes and represents a profound shift in how collegiate athletes can engage with their personal brands and seize opportunities beyond the playing field.

In this episode of the Monetary Mixtape podcast, Will Hoffman sits down with Justin King, Founder of L.I.G. Sports Group to delve into the world of NIL and the opportunities it presents for college athletes. Listen as Justin emphasizes the importance of athletes building an authentic brand so they can earn money through endorsements and social media, and he also debunks the misconception that NIL is solely about quick money. 

Join the discussion as Will and Justin touch on:

  • The potential benefits and challenges of the new NIL
  • How to determine the value and potential monetary benefits for high school athletes 
  • How high school athletes can carry over their NIL endorsements to college
  • The importance of evaluating opportunities at different campuses
  • How you can benefit from early exposure to professional marketing in sports and the differences between team sports and individual sports
  • And more!

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