Clarity Around Social Security Spousal Benefits

Benefits can be confusing when it comes to knowing what's available and how to get them.

For spouses, there are benefits and strategies that not everyone knows about, and once you know them, it's crucial to understand their details to maximize them.

In this episode, Michael Littledike, Founder and CEO of Capita Financial Network, talks with Zacc Call and Laura Hadley to help people understand the Social Security spousal benefits and clarify the most common mistakes they see regarding this topic.

Zacc, Laura, and Michael discuss:

  • How a spouse is entitled to get half of the other spouse's Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) at full retirement 
  • What happens to the PIA if the primary worker or the spouse takes their benefits before or after their full retirement age
  • How a divorced spouse can receive benefits out of that marriage if it lasted for at least ten years
  • The importance of knowing your personal benefits before applying for others
  • The cost of living adjustment on spousal benefits to keep up with inflation

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