Centering on the Individual Investor with Michael Reisner

Michael Reisner is the Co-President & Co-Chief Executive Officer of CION Investments. CION is a leading manager of alternative investment solutions designed to redefine the way investors can build their portfolios.

Live from our fall Advisorpedia Podcast Pop-Up in New York City, Doug and Michael discuss the model behind CION and how it allows them to create innovative fund structures.

They also discussed:

  • The potential benefits for the individual investor when thinking about including alternatives in their portfolio
  • The main alternative asset classes investors should consider
  • The 60/40 portfolio and its impact on individual investor and advisor’s interest in alternatives
  • What investors should know about private credit
  • How should investors think about alternatives in context of a traditional application
  • How CION addresses the gap between individuals and institutions

Resources: CION Investments

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