Building Unbreakable Client Relationships Through Storytelling

We all love a good story. In fact, we’re hardwired for it.

But how can advisors use storytelling to create stronger connections, build trust, and more effectively guide their clients?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to guest John Bucher — a renowned story consultant — about the power of storytelling for advisors. Drawing from his first experience in working with a financial team, John dissects how they used storytelling — and story listening — to build trust and, ultimately, turn him into a fan. This is a conversation packed with examples and techniques you can use right away to break down barriers, even if you’re nervous about sharing your own stories. 

Matt and John discuss:

  • The three core elements that make a good story
  • The intimate relationship between storytelling and persuasion
  • The power of “why?”
  • How advisors can break free from “presentation mode” and foster true collaboration with their clients
  • And more

There is evidence from the latest neuroscience research that what happens inside the brain when we encounter a story is similar to the activity we see in the brain when a human being solves problems. So when we encounter a story, what we’re actually doing is practicing solving problems.” ~John Bucher

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