Building the Firm of Today and the Future With Jim Gold

Jim Gold is the CEO and Co-Founder of Steward Partners Global Advisory. Steward Partners is an employee-owned, full-service partnership that caters to family, institutional, and multi-generational investors.  

In this podcast, Jim reflects on Steward Partners’ exponential growth over the past decade, exploring its unique culture of partnership, and its mission-driven approach to financial advisory services. 

Also discussed:

  • Steward Partners’ rapid expansion, including the need for scale and the importance of legacy preservation.
  • The firm’s equity story, where every employee is an owner with the same equity, creating a culture of alignment and happiness.
  • The firm’s past milestones, including survival during early days, financial accolades, and great culture, with a focus on evolution and listening to people.
  • The importance of transparency, talent, and resources in making the right decisions.
  • The evolution of the advisor role and the importance of technology in providing accessible, trusted advice.
  • Jim Gold provides leadership advice, emphasizing honesty, integrity, and compliance.

Resources: Steward Partners

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