Building A Culture of Going the Extra Mile with Mike Nessim

Mike Nessim is the CEO and Managing Director of Kingswood U.S., an SEC-registered RIA and a FINRA-licensed broker/dealer that offers comprehensive wealth management and business-building services designed specifically for the independent financial advisor. 

In today’s episode, Doug and Mike talk about Kingswood’s extraordinary growth and how his leadership style and focus on working hard, trying to do the right thing and being fair with people has helped shape the company. They also discuss:

  • The growing advisor need for help with succession planning
  • How Kingswood’s liquidity can help advisors decouple from their current broker-dealer
  • How alternatives can help make advisors more competitive
  • Why Kingswood is seeing an increase in the number of advisors between $50-$150 million looking to offload some of the operational aspects of their business to allow themselves to focus on their clients
  • Why Mike thinks advisors are choosing to join Kingswood now more than ever
  • What Mike is excited for in the future

Resources: Kingswood U.S.

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