Breaking Barriers, Building Futures with Forest Harper

Forest Harper is the President & CEO of INROADS, a non-profit organization focused on offering talented, underrepresented youth a pathway from high school to college and throughout their career that breaks through the glass ceiling and closes the opportunity and wealth gaps. INROADS career development pathway extends a support system that can last a lifetime.  

Doug and Forest sat down at the FSI OneVoice Summit and talked about INROADS – its purpose and its journey from its start in 1970 to now. They also discuss:

  • Forest’s journey to INROADS
  • Why INROADS chooses to work with the Financial Services Institute (FSI), and the financial services industry in general
  • How they work to spark student’s interest in financial services and other industries
  • How corporate America can do better when it comes to diversity
  • How we can help close the racial/wealth gap
  • How to get involved with INROADS

Recorded at the FSI OneVoice 2022  Presented by: 

Resources:  INROADS | Flyer Financial Technology

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