Beyond a Good Experience: Using Feedback and Input for Deeper Engagement With Julie Littlechild

Are you asking for feedback from your clients? Probably. But are you asking for input?

One helps you improve, while the other allows you to better understand not just their financial goals, but also their feelings about their future, their plans, and yes, even you.

In this episode, Matt Halloran welcomes Julie Littlechild – founder and CEO at Absolute Engagement – back to the podcast to consider the significance of feedback and input for advisors, and how that data can be used to provide more than “just” a good experience.

Julie discusses:

  • Why feedback rarely surprises us, but how input can provide answers for questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet

  • Using technology to unleash your innate ability – or superpower, as Julie calls it – to connect with people

  • How to implement the “voice of the client” before review meetings with simple chats, questionnaires, surveys, and polls

  • How to avoid the common mistake of thinking clients are better at articulating their needs/wants than they actually are, and what to do instead

  • The connection between engagement and referrals

  • And more

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