Being a Gifted Leader During Challenging Times with Mark David

Mark David is a nationally recognized sales and management consultant, author and executive coach.

He created his latest book, The Gifted Leader, to inspire and support individuals to become the best leader they can be, and to open people’s minds to new ideas and ways of looking at leadership.

In this episode of Power Your Advice, Doug Heikkinen and Mark discuss how to lead your company, team and family during these challenging times.

Celebrating Your Work and Your Dreams: 

  • How to better your relationship with your team
  • The cornerstone skill leaders must demonstrate every day
  • The importance of living in the present moment and modeling the behavior you want
  • How to create a strong, focused and positive mental mindset
  • How to be an excellent communicator
  • How to create a positive culture to support individual and company success

Mark has a special offer for Advisorpedia readers. When you order The Gifted Leader, he will be delighted to have a personal conversation with you about how you can apply the concepts presented in this podcast and his book to help you be the leader your company, your team, and your family needs.  

RESOURCES: The Mark David Company | Order The Gifted Leader