Becoming a Profitable Landlord

What does it take to turn a rough start into a triumphant success when investing in real estate? 

Get ready to listen to some of the most valuable lessons for aspiring landlords and real estate investors from Mark Dolfini, founder of Mark Dolfini Strategic Coaching and Landlord Coach.

Financial Dignity® Coach, Christine Luken, welcomes Mark Dolfini, a veteran of the US Marines, author, and a life and business strategist, onto the show today to share his story about becoming a successful real estate investor from a rocky start as a landlord. Mark addresses some common mistakes landlords make, such as underestimating expenses and overestimating income, leading to financial strain and personal stress. He emphasizes the importance of proper property underwriting, strategic planning, and budgeting for expenses like capital expenditures and vacancy rates. Mark gets real about his own plot twists, sharing a personal story of overworking, facing foreclosures, and hospitalization, highlighting the risks of mismanagement. But like any great story, there’s a silver lining! He concludes with advice on creating systems and processes for efficient property management, ensuring landlords can avoid creating unnecessary jobs for themselves and maintain profitability.

Mark talks about: 

  • His experience as a landlord and how he got into the real estate business
  • The most common mistakes landlords make that adversely affect the profitability of their business
  • Tips about being “time-wealthy” for any business owner
  • His VIP Method Course for Landlords
  • And more

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