Avoiding the Pitfalls of Benchmarking

Stepping out of the shadow of comparison is not easy, be it life or investing. It is crucial to remember that every portfolio is unique, just like the individual. 

In this episode, Mark Pearson and Chuck Etsweiler discuss the concept of benchmarking and comparison in investing. While benchmarking can hinder clarity and progress toward financial goals, they emphasize the importance of self-awareness and understanding one’s own portfolio. They also discuss the advantages of separately managed accounts (SMAs) and the need for collaboration with professionals in different areas to provide a comprehensive financial strategy.

Mark and Chuck discuss: 

  • The concept of benchmarking and comparison in investing in relation to your portfolio
  • The importance of seeking clarity and understanding one’s own portfolio, whether you have a financial planner or not
  • Why comparison killed the cat
  • Importance of self-awareness and surrounding oneself with the right people in this industry
  • Constructing uniquely designed portfolios and partnering with other disciplines
  • And more

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