Are You Maximizing Your Tax Savings?

In a world where financial decisions are becoming increasingly complex, understanding the nuances of tax planning has never been more critical.

In this episode, David Pulcini is joined by Trevor Smith, CPA, to talk about tax planning. Together, they go over some of the different year-end tax planning ideas that an advisor can help you with so you can pay less in taxes, now and in the future. They explore 3 of the 20  strategies for maximizing tax savings on their tax planning checklist, including Roth conversions and harvesting losses. They also touch on the backdoor Roth IRA strategy for high-income earners. 

Their conversation emphasizes the need for a financial professional who specializes in tax planning to handle complex tax matters.

David and Trevor talk about: 

  • How Trevor got into the financial services industry and what led him to tax preparation
  • The hardest part of the CPA process
  • What they do with clients’ tax returns when they receive them
  • Three of the most important parts of their tax planning checklist
  • What a Roth conversion is and how much you can convert
  • What tax loss harvesting is
  • What the “backdoor Roth IRA” is and some of the common mistakes they’ve seen people make with them
  • And more

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