Access Tomorrow’s IPOs with Nick Worontzoff

Nick Worontzoff is the founder and managing partner of NW3 Access, a company that gives clients access to private markets in pre-IPOs, providing investors with superior asset allocation options within various industries and sectors, with the goal of improving a portfolio’s efficiency and risk-adjusted returns.

In today’s episode, Doug and Nick talk about how and why Nick founded NW3 Access, and the opportunity for advisors and investors in the pre-IPO space. They also discuss

  • The world of IPOs and why companies are waiting longer to go public
  • Whether or not there is a perfect time for companies to go public
  • What NW3 Access is making better in this space, and what the difference is going to be for the advisors they work with
  • The importance of building solid relationships
  • Why advisors should be interested in IPOs for their clients – where do they fit inside a client portfolio

Resources: NW3 Access