A Few Unorthodox Ways To Conquer Advisor Perfectionism

If you’re a good financial advisor, you want to do the best possible work for yourself and your clients. 

In theory, that’s great—you get your clients higher returns and yourself a bigger book of business. But in practice, this ambition often becomes perfectionism.  This kills your marketing results—because 5 bad published articles get more results than a folder of 18 great drafts.

But you don’t have to let perfectionism hold you back. In fact, you can conquer it and dominate your niche. In this episode, you’ll find out how to defeat your perfectionism, start marketing to your niche and supercharge your marketing results. 

Want to stop editing and start publishing? Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • How trying to be perfect makes you procrastinate on your goals (and how to ship things faster to run laps around your competitors) (4:20)
  • The “80/20 squared” rule that shows you exactly which marketing message gets results and which gets ignored (6:08)
  • The weird thoughts that show you that perfectionism is holding you back from achieving your goals (13:30)
  • Why perfectionists get defensive when you point out their flaws (and how to correct this if it’s your problem) (18:14)

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