A Double Whammy for Women Advisors: How To Succeed in a Toxic Environment

Imagine this: A potential new client comes in to meet with you for the first time and the minute he sees that you are a woman he asks the manager for a new advisor. How would you feel? How would this impact your future?

While today this seems extreme, imagine the same scenario as a woman of color in 1990. 

Talk about challenging. 

Today that same woman has built an amazing practice focused on women. How did she do it facing so much bias and more importantly why did she do it?

The industry says they support women yet so many women advisors still feel disregarded and unappreciated, it is still a toxic industry. Most women keep their heads down, do their jobs, and don’t expect any pats on the back. 

René Nourse is a pioneer in financial services and paved the way for many women advisors. She cut through the toxicity, overcame a highly biased environment, and built an amazing practice that she is proud of.  As the founder of Urban Wealth Management, she shares her journey as a woman of color in the financial advisory world in this episode of the femXadvisor podcast. Join Adri Miller-Heckman and René as they talk about the challenges she faced and how she persevered to create something she loves. 

Share in René’s positivity as she emphasizes: 

  • The challenges she faced in the early days of her career as a female advisor of color 
  • How supportive managers impacted her journey in the industry
  • The need for female advisors to advocate for themselves and their clients
  • The value of networking and obtaining a Certifed Financial Planner™ designation 
  • Why it’s important for women financial advisors to embrace their natural strengths
  • The founding principle of her company, Urban Wealth Management, and the meaning behind the name
  • And more

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