A 10-Day Odyssey of Luxury and Travel Hacks in Greece

What happens when a financial planner takes on travel hacking in Greece? Are the ancient streets of Athens and the beaches of Mykonos as enchanting as they say?

Join DeAndre Coke, a financial planner & travel guru, and his girlfriend Taryn Gisbert, as they recall their captivating 10-day odyssey through Greece. Their journey, initially disrupted by a storm in New York, unfolds into an extraordinary exploration of breathtaking vistas, exceptional cuisine, and essential travel hacking insights tailored for the adventurous professional.

Key Highlights:

  • An Unexpected Beginning: A surprise overnight near JFK and a scenic detour through Istanbul’s architecturally stunning airport
  • Athens and Mykonos Insights: A brief yet memorable stay in Athens, and in Mykonos, they navigate a chiropractic challenge and relish the lively ambiance at Tropicana Hotel Suites on Paradise Beach
  • Santorini’s Enchantment: Despite ferry travel challenges, they relish the opportunity of exploring Santorini by car, discovering its iconic cliffside views and quaint beaches
  • Gastronomic Delights: Savoring Greece’s culinary treasures, from Mykonos’s refreshing Fredo cappuccino to Santorini’s unique Mystica liqueur, with each locale offering a culinary experience that rivals Rome’s best
  • Mastering Travel Hacking: DeAndre imparts crucial strategies for optimizing travel rewards, from flight bookings to hotel stays, using various loyalty programs
  • And much more!

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