5 Things Mentally Strong Financial Advisors Don't Do

There’s a massive difference between the bank accounts of different financial advisors.

Some experience groundbreaking success, making 8, 9, or even 10 figures a year. While others live paycheck to paycheck, can barely afford their bills, and are constantly spinning their wheels about how to grow their business.

After reflecting on the two groups, I’ve finally realized the difference:

The wealthiest financial advisors are mentally strong. And the poorest financial advisors are mentally weak.

So, what’s the difference between a mentally strong financial advisor or a mentally weak one?

In today’s show, I share 5 things mentally strong financial advisors don’t do. If you catch yourself committing any of these mistakes, the good news is that you can grow mentally stronger. Awareness is simply the first step.

Ready to find out if you’re mentally strong… or what you can do to build your mental toughness if you’re not?

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • Aren’t mentally strong? This book from a social worker can make your mental toughness your biggest strength in just a few days (2:10) 
  • The 3 destructive core beliefs that rob you of your mental toughness and drown you in limitations (2:54) 
  • How to make your limiting beliefs wither away until they disappear by asking yourself this question (5:03) 
  • Why fearing change reveals a deeper problem about you that will always make finding new clients an uphill battle (7:26) 
  • How leading with your values, even if they’re not popular, magnetizes your perfect clients to your calendar (9:50) 
  • The sneaky “Just 1%” marketing secret that eliminates any objections your ideal clients have (11:33) 
  • Teddy Roosevelt’s weird exercise that builds an unshakeable sense of confidence (15:33) 
  • 3 pieces of advice to grow mentally stronger faster than 90% of other financial advisors (22:03)