New Financial Education Initiative Attracts Strong Interest from Financial Service Professionals

The 1st National Dream Big Read Financial Education Initiative has grabbed the attention of financial service industry icons Paul Merriman and Sheryl Garrett. That is not easy to do. But it is easy to understand why. The mission is vital and timely. The strategy has been tested and proven effective. It is easy to execute and fun for everyone.

Additionally, it is inclusive. There are roles for everyone, that includes teens and college students.

Here is what the icons report.

“Sammy Rabbit shares the same thing we talk to our clients about, except we use big words," stated Sheryl Garrett, author and Founder of the Garrett Planning Network

"I attended my first Dream Big Read at Jones Elementary School in Springdale, Arkansas and the response from students, teachers and the community was fabulous."

"It is crucial kids learn about money early and harness the power of compound interest to secure their futures," said Paul Merriman, personal finance, author, columnist and Founder of the MerrimanFinancial Education Foundation. "Sammy Rabbit makes it easy to get them started. My grandson loves the songs and stories."The first of its kind early age financial literacy initiative employs a collaborative strategy that emanates from the Arkansas and Wisconsin Dream Big Reads. They took place earlier in 2019 during America Saves Week and Teach Children to Save Week.“In Wisconsin, our 400-plus volunteer bankers reached over 12,000 kids with Sammy Rabbit’s message that saving is a great habit," said Amber Seitz, Operations and Financial Education Manager, Wisconsin Bankers Association and Foundation. "The book received rave reviews from the students and bankers alike, making for a wonderful experience for everyone!”"The Arkansas Dream Big Read initiative was a great way for us to connect with new schools, and reinforce relationships with other schools," stated Kathleen Lawson, Executive Director for Economics Arkansas. "By using high profile community leaders to serve as readers, we were able to attract media attention and share the importance of early savings habits with an even broader audience. Sammy Rabbit makes savings concepts easy and memorable. It was an easy campaign to get behind."The initiative aims to have local community leaders bring financial education resources, experiences and awareness to communities around the United States this October during national Financial Planning Week and Month. And, it includes a competition for high school and college students. The winner receives a $500 cash scholarship.

"Over the last 20 years delivering financial literacy education programs across the world we have acquired a wealth of knowledge from these first hand field experiences," said Sam X Renick, the co-creator of Sammy Rabbit and architect of the Dream Big Read financial education strategy. "That knowledge is ready to be leveraged and scaled to help children everywhere lead better and more purpose filled lives. We are thankful and grateful other industry leaders and experts agree."

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