The Barriers Female Clients Often Face in Retirement Planning

Despite strides in equality, many women still face unique challenges when it comes to managing their finances and planning for retirement.

In the latest episode of Unleash Your Retirement, David Koren sits down with his colleague and friend, Robin Colton for a candid conversation about the barriers female clients often face within the financial industry.

By addressing the importance of education and finding advisors who respect women’s unique financial needs, this podcast serves as a beacon for women looking to navigate the complexities of finance with assurance and wisdom. David and Robin explore practical strategies and insights that may empower women to become more involved in financial decision-making, especially as they are poised to control a significant portion of stock market wealth in the coming years.

David and Robin discuss:

  • Importance of women in managing finances and retirement planning
  • Strategies for education and finding quality advisors
  • Challenges women face in the world of finance
  • Empowering women

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