Preserving Capital in Retirement

Have you considered the significance of safeguarding your capital and managing risks during retirement? How does capital preservation play a role in maintaining a stable stream of income?

Join Rob Curtiss and his guest, David Marra, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Markin Asset Management, LP, as they navigate the connection between finance and technology, specifically delving into David’s expertise in quantitative investment research and machine learning. 

But that’s not everything! David and Rob also explore the importance of capital preservation and effective risk management, focusing on ensuring a stable stream of retirement income. 

Rob and David touch on:

  • David’s career and how it led to his focus on capital preservation and quantitative investment research
  • The importance of capital preservation leading up to retirement
  • Mitigating risk during market volatility
  • Ways the pandemic impacted investment strategies
  • And more!

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