Guiding Caregivers Through Social Security and Retirement Planning

Are you a caregiver (or will be) with concerns about your financial future? 

In a compelling episode of The Simply Retirement Podcast, host Eric Blake turns the spotlight on women’s unique retirement planning needs, especially for those who are serving as a caregiver or very likely will be one day. Caregivers often face specific challenges that can drastically alter their financial future. As a seasoned financial professional specializing in retirement planning, Eric explores the specific challenges women encounter when taking on the honorable role of caregiver for parents, family, or close friends. This interview comes from a special Virtual Caregivers Conference hosted by Jeannie Dougherty, certified money coach. The conference was a passion project for Jeannie designed to support both caregivers and their families and was inspired by Jeannie’s 11 years serving as a caregiver for her parents, who both suffered from Alzheimer’s. 

Key Insights:

  • Savvy Social Security Planning: Learn the importance of understanding Social Security, highlighting nuances in eligibility for various benefits
  • Case Study Insight: Eric presents a poignant case study of a widow facing financial difficulties, emphasizing the need for personalized financial planning
  • Navigating Early Retirement: Explore the implications of early retirement decisions on Social Security and health insurance
  • The Emotional Factor: Recognize the significant emotional stress caregivers endure, underlining the crucial role of professional financial advice
  • Simply Retirement Roadmap: Eric introduces a structured planning process for comprehensive retirement planning
  • Social Security for Divorcees: Clarify eligibility requirements for ex-spouse benefits and potential Social Security policy changes
  • Full Retirement Age and Work: Highlight the importance of understanding full retirement age and its implications on benefits
  • And much more!

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