Why Stocks Just Bottomed

Record by: Ryan Detrick & Sonu Varghese

A number of factors and causing the stock market to continue to experience high volatility, causing uncertainty for investors.

With October’s correction, are there signs of a market bottom? A potential rally?

In the latest episode of Facts vs Feelings, Carsons' Chief Market Strategist, Ryan Detrick & VP, Global Macro Strategist, Sonu Varghese explain why stocks may have just bottomed, despite the market correction and bearish sentiment. Ryan and Sonu discuss their predictions about the S&P 500's gain after the midterm elections, as well as the key factors affecting the labor market, and the significance and economic impact of rising productivity.

Ryan and Sonu discuss: 

  • The recent market rally, including the Fed's influence, positive job numbers, and historical data on stock market corrections
  • The historical trend of the S&P 500 being up on average 14.1% one year after midterm elections
  • How the Fed's rate hikes in the past affected the economy and how the current pause in rate hikes is different
  • An analysis of the recent jobs report, its impact on interest rates and stock market, and the potential impact of strikes on the numbers
  • The Sahm Rule and its potential implications for a recession
  • An analysis of layoffs and their impact on the overall job market stability
  • The significance of productivity and labor force growth in driving real economic growth
  • And more!

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