8 Must-Haves to Attract the Best Candidates

I get asked all the time for resumes of Operations Managers and COO's. The truth is, they exist near your doorstep. All you need to do is attract them with a few, mostly free steps.

Here are my must-haves to attract candidates for a business management role:

  • Website that explains WHO you all are, FOR WHOM you work with, WHAT do you provide to your clients, HOW your clients can access your contact and their information, and a CAREER PAGE
  • LI Company Page with all employees listed.
  • Every staff person has a LI personal profile that shows their picture and lists your firm as their current employer.
  • A 2-page business plan with 1, 3 and 5 year goals (use Wickman's Traction if you don't have a template)
  • A path to ownership
  • Compensation structure that includes a salary, perks, and incentive bonus
  • A function chart that identifies the roles and people at your firm
  • Monthly drip on social media and via email to all your followers, clients, prospects, referral sources, and friends. This 'drip' should always mention your wish to find great people to meet and possibly hire. The best candidate doesn't show up 1 day after you ask for resumes.... they appear while you methodically network to build a pipeline of great candidates.
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    It isn't rocket science. Just do it and enjoy having great people join your team!