Umbrella Insurance: The Extra Layer of Protection Your Wealth Deserves

Curious about how to safeguard your assets and navigate the intricate world of insurance? 

Take advantage of this chance to equip yourself with valuable insights that could transform how you approach insurance and risk management.

In this episode, Charlie Massimo and Peter Anastasian are back to discuss the importance of property and casualty insurance for asset protection and risk mitigation. Joining them is Ron Rugolo, Vice President of Bradley & Parker, who shares insights on reviewing policies, working with A-rated carriers, and the changing landscape of the insurance industry.

With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, Ron’s expertise lies in understanding the nuances of insurance policies, the differences between carriers, and the evolving landscape of the industry. 

Ron discusses: 

  • The ins and outs of deductibles 
  • How you can schedule various items on insurance policies 
  • Working with A-rated carriers and superior claims service
  • The need for umbrella insurance for excess liability coverage
  • And more

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