How To Win at Insurance with Todd Erkis

Do you know what it means to “win” at insurance? If you’ve never thought about insurance in this light or have not considered how insurance can help during moments of high stress, you may want to tune in to this week’s episode. 

In this episode, Jeff Brimhall, PhD, CFP®, CFA, and Benjamin Cummings, PhD, CFP®, talk with Todd Erkis, author and professor at St. Joseph’s University to discuss how you can reformat the idea of insurance in your eyes so that you have the protection you need, when you need it. From car to life insurance, it is important to know how these plans work so that you feel confident when the time comes to tap into this area of your portfolio. 

Todd discusses: 

  • When is the right time to lock in an insurance plan
  • How to understand deductibles and choosing the right deductible level
  • The right time to approach your insurance company with a claim 
  • The decisions involved in life insurance and how to identify your needs
  • And more

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