How To Do Life Insurance Your Way

What if there’s a better way to approach life insurance than what you’ve been told?

Dive head first into the world of life insurance with Jason Coddington in this compelling ‘Money Metaphors’ episode. Jason shares his personal journey with life insurance following his father’s passing, providing a unique and heartfelt insight into this crucial tool for family financial stability and peace of mind. 

Key Highlights:

  • Calculating Life Insurance Coverage: Learn how to tailor your life insurance coverage using needs-based and income-based calculations to meet your financial situation 
  • The Importance of Early Coverage: Discover the significant cost benefits of securing life insurance in your 30s and the concept of ‘insuring your insurability’ against unforeseen health issues
  • Term vs. Permanent Life Insurance: Dive into the differences and advantages of term and permanent life insurance, understanding which option best aligns with your life stage and financial goals
  • The Human Life Value Approach: Understand this unique method for calculating life insurance, focusing on the lifetime earnings potential and its practical implications
  • Combining Policies: Learn effective strategies for blending term and permanent life insurance to achieve both immediate coverage needs and long-term financial security
  • The Benefits of Term Life Conversion: Explore the invaluable option of converting term life into permanent insurance, especially beneficial if health concerns arise later in life
  • Customizing Life Insurance: Jason highlights the importance of customizing life insurance plans to fit individual financial circumstances, career trajectory, and family commitments

Join us in this episode to inspire your financial future with the right life insurance strategy. Act now to safeguard your family’s tomorrow.

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