How Can I Select a Medicare Plan That Is Right for Me?

You’ve seen the ads on TV and in your mailbox, but what really are the important things to know before you choose a Medicare plan? And what are the differences between Part A, B, and D? 

In this episode of the Foster & Motley podcast about Wealth & Life, Dave Nienaber is joined by Marisa O’Neill, CEO of Retire Med to explain. Marisa shares the differences and details about the different parts of Medicare, emphasizing the importance of planning and working with an agent to make sure you understand your options and get the right plan for you. Dave and Marisa cover the timing for Medicare coverage whether you are approaching 65, over 65, or under 65 but in need of coverage. 

Marisa shares more about:

  • Annual enrollment period for Medicare 
  • The role of agents when it comes to Medicare plans
  • Benefits of working with an agent for ongoing personalized assistance
  • Why couples may select different plans
  • And more

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