Fact or Fear? The Real Costs of Long-Term Care

Are you ready to uncover the truths and myths about long-term care and its implications for your financial future? 

Terry Wheeler dives deep into the complexities and concerns surrounding long-term care (LTC). From dismantling common myths to exploring the real costs and solutions, Terry offers valuable insights and strategies to make informed decisions. Listen as he discusses the various phases of long-term care, from in-home assistance to skilled nursing facilities, emphasizing the importance of preparation and personalized financial planning to secure a worry-free retirement.  

Terry discusses: 

  • Understanding the real costs and coverage of long-term care
  • Debunking common myths surrounding LTC and its necessity
  • The impact of family dynamics on long-term care planning
  • Exploring the different types of long-term care solutions and how to choose the right one
  • And more

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