Are You Constantly Being Pitched Life Insurance?

Does it feel like you’re constantly being pitched life insurance? There’s a reason for that and we’re going to tell you why.

In this episode, Zacc Call and Laura Hadley explore the intricacies of life insurance. Zacc shares his journey with thyroid cancer and underscores the value of life insurance in providing financial security during unforeseen health issues. 

They discuss the importance of determining the right amount of coverage, differentiating between term and permanent life insurance, and the potential pitfalls of policies with investment components. 

The conversation also covers the motives behind selling permanent life insurance, the role of financial professionals, and the considerations for children's life insurance and funeral costs.

Zacc and Laura discuss:

  • Zacc’s personal story about being diagnosed with thyroid cancer & how it impacted his ability to obtain life insurance
  • How you can determine the right amount of insurance coverage for your situation
  • The investment aspects of permanent life insurance
  • Life insurance for children + employer-provided insurance
  • And more

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