Why the Culture of Your Company Is Totally Transparent for Us To See on Social Media

On the 8th March 2023, will be International Women's day, something we at DLA Ignite have celebrated a number of times and support.

We will also see a number of companies celebrate it, but does it really reflect their values?

In this video by the World Economic Forum (WEF), it's a great discussion, but fast forward to 42:43 where the question is asked 

"how much emphasis do you have on hiring people with values?"

Jonas Prising - Chairman & CEO of ManpowerGroup says 

"with increased transparency and visibility of what companies are doing, while business see "values and culture as important" but it is job seekers want to know what are the values of the organization, that I, as the employee are about to lend my talents to".

He goes onto say that there has been a shift away from the employer dictating the terms to the job hunter and future employee deciding if the business they are looking at meets their own purpose and values in life. 

The thing that many companies don't seem to grasp is that we can see you values, your culture through your profiles on social media, such as LinkedIn.

We can see your lack of diversity, look any business up on social media on Linkedin and you can see exactly if you have a diverse leadership team and workforce. 

How you look on social media, reflects exactly your culture and values and it's time to empower your employees on social media to give yourself a fair chance in the war on talent and the war on pipeline. 

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