Why Forgiveness is Required in Career

Have you ever been so furious at someone at work that you could just scream? Did you stay mad for a period of time?

And then, maybe you just got over it.

You told yourself that it wasn't worth it, and you weren't about to spend any more thoughts or energy on that person!

If so, good for you because that's exactly how it should work.

Talking over you, constantly arriving late for meetings, stealing ideas, going around you, gossiping about you, sabotaging you, or even leaving you out.

You are fully entitled to get mad, pissed off, angry, frustrated, sad, hurt, or any other emotion that you can think of when someone does something to you that just isn't cool in your book! But, we're not meant to stay that way or hold onto that negative energy, and here's why. 

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Well, in reality, negative emotions like that are healthy and helpful, but only for a bit. When people tick us off or otherwise get some sort of emotional "rise" out of us, it's a sign for us that we are meant to do something different as a result of whatever happened. 

That sign is our beautiful unconscious (subconscious if that's what you call it) showing up in its full glory to say, "Hey Girl! Did you catch that? Because in my book, that was totally not cool, what just happened! And I think you need to do something about it."

Negative emotions are designed to transition us to another place, a better place where we are whole, and feel empowered. A place where we are acting as a result of a logical decision that benefits us and our beliefs, not reacting emotionally. 

 So that's the good part.

The "bad" part is this. Your negative emotions that you feel are actually held in your body. You can even build them up to be stronger over time because when that's your focus, feeling that way. That focus becomes instruction to your mind that says, "this is what I want to find." So essentially, you look for it, and you find it.

Over time you can get comfortable with your negative emotions, your anger, your sadness or grief, your fear, and self-imposed limiting beliefs. Over time, you start to identify with them, saying, "this is who I am."

The longer you hold onto negative emotions, the more harm they can create. They physically impact our bodies with stressdepressionheart disease, and other harmful issues. 

So why Forgiveness?

Because Forgiveness is exclusively for YOU.

Forgiveness allows you to let go of the emotions that are making you feel awful.

Forgiveness is the way to get unstuck because you are no longer anchored to the past.

Forgiveness empowers you to live your life and navigate on your terms.

Because Forgiveness allows you to heal spirituallymentallyemotionally, and yes, physically too. 

So, it's up to us to learn our lesson and let those pesky negative emotions go, and Forgiveness is the easiest way I know how to do that. Here's my LinkedIn Live on Forgiveness from this week HERE.

I'm a student of Huna, and we practice an ancient forgiveness practice called Ho'oponopono. It's exceedingly simple to do, and I've included the steps below.

Step 1 - Create a stage in front of you and below you. The stage can look however you like. 

Step 2 - Invite the people or person that you wish to forgive onto the stage.

Step 3 - Imagine that your Higher Source or Power (God, The Collective, The Universe, whatever you believe in) is above the top of your head. This Source is flowing lovinghealing, golden light into the top of your head, and it flows through your body, healing you as it fills you completely.

Step 4 – As this loving, healing, golden light from Source overflows from filling your body, imagine it flowing to the stage and also healing the people or person you want to forgive.

Step 5 – Give Forgiveness to them and ask for Forgiveness in return (even if you feel you didn't do anything "wrong"). This makes it neat and tidy.

Step 6 – Let them fade away.

Forgiveness isn't about who is right or wrong. It's not about saying what happened was ok. It's about healing for you. So whether it’s the forgiveness process that I mentioned or another, forgive and move on so that you can create success on your terms.

Until next time, here's wishing you the healing and the clarity you deserve!

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