Employee Engagement Isn’t Enough

As a little kid, my brother had a cape that made him invisible. We both loved it –for different reasons. He loved being invisible. I loved beating him at hide-and-seek every damn time 

Truth was, he was small and spry. Probably could’ve beat me if he’d hidden. But his belief in the magic gave him a false confidence to just stand still.

Which brings me to the employee engagement survey. The corporate cloak of invisibility. We run it once a year and believe it’s protective.  But our belief in its magic often leaves us standing still. When we should be doing the everyday work of Activating our teams.

Pillars of Activation

To be clear, I love a survey.  It’s a reliably, statistically valid measure of trends and progress over time. It gives every employee a voice. It’s an essential tool in our toolbox.

But if we’re honest, we all know what happens.

Some percentage of employees take the time to submit their answers which (from their vantage point) go into a black hole. A few weeks pass with no word. They assume the survey was a check-the-box exercise (hey – they can’t see the analysis happening on the back end). Trust and engagement wane. Your least engaged employees may leave or pull others down with them.

Sound familiar?

This is where the Pulse Check picks up. Here’s why.

o   A survey tells you how you’re doing – now and over time. A Pulse Check tells you what to do next.

o   A survey’s statistical validity assures meaning in your measures. But it takes time to analyze thoughtfully. A Pulse Check needs only a handful of people today to tell you what you can do tomorrow. Because if you talk to 10 people and 8 say you have a decision-making problem? You have a decision-making problem. No validity required!

o   A survey provides a safe, anonymous space for employee candor. But that sense of “it all went into a black hole” is dangerous. A Pulse Check is a live, validating dialog. It leaves people feeling appreciated and heard. It’s an engaging experience all on its own.

o   A survey provides a set of static replies. They may or may not be clear or prescriptive. But a Pulse Check allows you to probe and clarify. To challenge employees to turn sentiments into actionable recommendations.

Feeling ready to shed that cloak? You’ve got this. Oh – and if you don’t got this? Please reach on out. We’re just the Pulse Partner you’ve been looking for.

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