Do You Feel Like You Always Have To Be ON in Your Career?

Is always being on and continually formulating, and reformulating, the ways to achieve the success catching up with you?

We have so much technology at our disposal. That can work for us, and it can work against us. Yes, it makes things so much more convenient, but that convenience comes at a price. We don't switch off.

Just one more email.

You do one more thing while waiting because otherwise, it's a waste of time. And YOU hate to waste time.

The lines of work and home are now blurred and were before COVID, but now are even more so.

When you don't check out or unplug, and you are always ON, it impacts your well-being. It creates conflict between work and what is MOST important to you: your spouse, your children, your fitness, and more.

If you hear yourself continually saying, "I'll be right there" or making excuses for how busy you are and why you're always late to important things, you may be suffering from always being ON. Always checking emails, taking calls when you know you shouldn't, but do anyway, can be sending you down a slippery slope—one where your productivity or your job becomes your identity. 

What can you do?

Check out this video to give you some tips to flip the switch to OFF every once in a while.

How to Cope with Always Being ON in Your Career

Until the next time, here's wishing you the Clarity you deserve!

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