Why Your Resilience Is Worth Pursuing

Resilience. Is it buzzy? It is. But is it worth pursuing anyway? Really, it is.

Resilience - that amazing ability to bounce back and persevere in the face of adversity - is something we all strive to demonstrate, both personally and professionally. It lies at the root of oh-so-much success. With change now being a constant, we all need a little help in bouncing back from the unexpected.But how do we achieve it? Is there a magic formula? A yellow brick road that might lead us there?Well, we may not have wizardry to offer. But we do have some concrete and actionable thoughts to share.In recent months, we've seen a bump in requests for workshops on resilience - truly outcome-oriented workshops from which personal action plans are built and implemented. And we wanted to share today some of the highlights of what we've been delivering.We ground our workshops in a simple equation of Resilience that looks a little something like this...While there are countless ways to interpret resilience, this one has really resonated for us and our clients. We facilitate a discussion around each of the four elements in the formula - what each means to people, how each shows up in our day to day, practices we believe ladder up to each and more.Related: Can You Spot That One Tiny Thing?We then move into our 8 favorite tactics for building resilience - both at the team and individual level. And those are...In our workshops, we've had lively and action-oriented conversations about how each of these ideas can live and breathe within the organization with whom we're working. Teams emerge with fresh ideas, action plans, accountability partners, and refreshed energy.We hope some of the ideas in this week's newsletter resonate for you. If your team can use a resilience boost, please get in touch as we are happy to help. Or if you'd like to facilitate your own conversation with your team, please feel free to borrow any ideas we've shared!Well, that's all for now. Stay resilient!