Why Should You Target Ideal Clients Only?

There’s an irony and hidden problem never explained by most marketing experts: Allowing non-ideal clients into your sales process forces you to spend more money to attract more non-ideal clients.

A non-ideal client is someone who sees you as similar to other advisors they have on their “shopping list”.

They’re also most interested in what you can do for them, forcing you to put your best foot forward (selling yourself) to see if you can provide more value than the next advisor they speak with.

Then at the end of the conversation you hear: “I’d like to think about it and will get back to you.”

Here’s what happens when you allow non-ideal clients into your sales and marketing process:

  • You try to raise their awareness by educating them, sharing stories of how you helped other clients in the past, and providing free advice

  • At the end of the sales conversation they want to speak with someone else first

  • You end up chasing them for either a “yes” or a “no”, through repeated follow-up calls and emails (or just give up and assume they weren’t a “fit”)

  • They don’t respond, but take the valuable information you provided for free, and use it to shop around for other advisors

Spending your precious time with non-ideal clients is wasteful for you and for them.

You need to break this vicious cycle.

On the flip side, what happens when you attract and speak with your ideal clients only?

They know in advance of your conversation (key strategic difference), that you are ideal from them.

All that needs to happen next for them to become a paying client, is for them to trust you.

Them trusting you is the easy part right, because you’re fine once you get in front of your ideal clients?

It's the pre-positioning piece of the puzzle that you may be missing.

The question is, how well does your sales and marketing process position you as ideal for them?

Does your positioning speak to their specific issues?

How well are you positioned as the Trusted Authority in their eyes?

The more directly, deeply, and specifically your marketing is aligned with the deepest issues of your ideal client, the more you’ll become a “category of one”.

This is what being a Trusted Authority is all about.

A Trusted Authority’s focus is narrow, not wide.

A Trusted Authority only attracts clients who fit the profile of that narrow focus and particular issue set, which filters everyone else out by default.

Are you being sold on semi-warm leads who are being called by other advisors?

Are you fishing out of ponds that other advisors are fishing out of?

The only way to escape the vicious circle of attracting non-ideal clients, is to stop doing marketing tactics that attract them.

Learn how to target your most ideal clients only, be becoming the Trusted Authority in your market.

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