Why Financial Advisors Need To Cultivate Their Three Energies


As we approach the end of Q1, I want to talk about something critically important for advisors to achieve their goals: mastering three key energies.

Throughout my career, I've come across advisors who possess exceptional qualities: they set great goals, develop impressive business plans, and exhibit genuine care as human beings. Yet, despite their expertise and dedication, they often need more energy to execute these plans.

In this episode, I'll talk about three important energies for advisors, how they can use them to grow professionally, and how to cultivate these energies effectively to help them succeed.

I also talked about the following:

  • (04:06) The pyramid of energies
  • (11:35) What is mental energy?
  • (12:14) The energy that separates the amateurs from the pros
  • (14:59) How to improve your physical, mental, and emotional energy
  • (16:00) Why advisors must commit to being great

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