Why Financial Advisors Must Master Their Habits


The second quarter of the 2024 season! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend. Today, let’s talk about the importance of habits.

As an advisor, your daily and weekly habits greatly influence your long-term success. The actions you consistently take can have a compounding effect on your results over time.

In this episode, we'll dissect habits, emphasize why it's crucial to pay attention to them, and explore the obstacles that often prevent us from developing them.

I also discussed:

  • (06:49) The five core habits for advisors
  • (08:08) How to sabotage your morning ritual
  • (09:31) Why you need to track your habits
  • (10:35) What sets successful advisors apart from those who struggle?
  • (11:29) A free tool to help grade your habits

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