Why Being Imperfect Fast! Is the Secret To Amazing Business Growth

Why being imperfect FAST! is the secret to amazing business growth.

Imperfection is the engine of innovation—trying different things. And in my experience perfection—however defined—is not needed to win.

We didn’t get to a BILLION in annual sales by being perfect in the classical sense. Check out the audacious ways we got there.

While you’re intellectually seeking perfection, you’re not DOING anything!

Pondering perfection is an excellent way to do nothing and fail.

You need to create your own version of perfection, that will be the solution—inelegant and messy probably—that works for you.

What do you mean when you say a business needs to imperfect ‘FAST’?

Rarely does anyone achieve unbelievable success after one attempt; they will seldomly ‘get it right the first time’.

You will have to make many ‘tries’ before landing on something new that will work.

Failure is an essential ingredient of innovation. So ‘fail a lot’ is a strategic imperative.

Success depends on the number of tries you make (so many variables at play in a highly complicated and unpredictable world), which means that making many tries FAST is essential.

How does being imperfect FAST make an organization different?

Because it leads to more innovation. A constant stream of tries will eventually create something truly special that raises performance to astonishing heights.

An ‘imperfect FAST’ culture sets the organization apart from others who are stuck in the ‘perfection seeking mode’ and making little progress.

It inspires employees so an adaptive organization culture is nurtured.

What are the benefits of being imperfect FAST?

  • It aids in the execution of your strategy.
  • It ‘keeps your feet moving’, on your toes to take a turn when your plan isn’t working out the way you want.
  • It avoids the impossible task of taking copious amounts of time seeking a solution that doesn’t exist—perfection.
  • It effectively prepares you to deal with uncertainty and unpredictable change.
  • It feeds the innovation organizational value. You can’t be innovative with the belief you can find a silver bullet that will miraculously do the job for you.
  • It doesn’t exist.

Speed is a competitive advantage.

▪️First mover advantage with imperfection makes you standout and puts you ahead of the herd.

What actions can an organization take to be imperfect FAST?

  • Leaders must declare that it’s ok to be imperfect. That the number of ‘tries’ is the innovation journey that will define ultimate success.
  • Embed ‘tries’ in performance plans. Everyone should be expected to try new things. Trying must define the culture of the organization.
  • Celebrate ’triers’ constantly. What a great way to make trying matter. Have fun with it. Recognize trying heroes.
  • Create an ‘Imperfectionist Club’. I’m thinking the ‘Cult of Triers’ would be an excellent way to kick this journey off. Start small and build the cult to include the entire organization.

In a world of imperfections, why do we constantly try to be perfect?

Doesn’t make sense to me.

Want to stand out from the crowd and win?

Be imperfect FAST!

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