Why Affluent Women Fire Their Advisors


In today’s episode, “Why Affluent Women Fire Their Advisor”, you will learn how to retain more clients, real stories of what advisors did before they were fired, and how you can serve these women who need a new advisor or money coach.

Let’s face it, most financial coaches, advisors, and money managers want to serve more wealthy clients. The first step is to get them to hire you. The next step is to retain them and get referrals from them. Learning what to avoid so you don’t lose your affluent clients is a critical step to growing your advisory or coaching business while serving more wealthy clients.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why affluent women fire advisors, specifically what you must never do
  • What you need to know so you avoid getting replaced
  • How to meet wealthy prospects
  • The one thing you should never do (actually there are several things)
  • What to never say to a female prospect or client (do this and you will be gone!)
  • Why connecting with the woman is so critical when working with affluent couples
  • How to discover what is important to your clients so you can meet them where they are
  • What to do so you get clients who have fired their financial advisor or money coach
  • Real-world stories of why wealthy clients fired their agents, advisors, and coaches
  • A consultant who got fired before he was even hired
  • The most important step. Most advisors miss this huge opportunity and fail to work with affluent women and couple clients.

First published in MillionaireSeries.com

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