Where Your Value Proposition Really Fits In


A well crafted and well articulated Value Proposition is the key component in any good marketing strategy.  Even though it is the most important part of the entire marketing message, it is not the first thing however

To craft a great marketing message for your business there are three essentials and the value proposition is the second of them.  The problem for many professionals is that all the effort goes into trying to create a great value proposition, and they ignore the other two elements – effectively undermining the impact and strength of the value proposition itself.

I blame that “elevator pitch” concept actually – it is misleading nonsense.  The idea that somehow one has to distill your positioning, value proposition and messaging into one 30 second soundbite is silly enough.  Even more silly is the concept which goes hand-in-hand with it that somehow you must just blurt it out when an opening arises and continue until you are done.  Staying inside the 30 second limit of course.

That is not actually how conversations  work in the real world is it?  Nor is it a sensible way of trying to articulate what it is you do in any professional or meaningful sense.  Sot it is important to understand the 3 elements that go into effective professional marketing, and how each works with the other.

Positioning and messaging are just as important as the value proposition itself, and in this quick video we explore how the 3 components need to work together.

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