What HR Leaders Need To Know About Experiential Learning Simulations To Develop Better Leaders

It’s not a secret. We all know that many leaders walk around with blind spots.

They don’t know what they don’t know. This makes it difficult to improve behavior that may be causing lack of engagement, low retention, and lack of communication.

The facts are disturbing:

· 43% of first-time managers have trouble building and leading teams.

· 60% of leaders who are promoted will fail!

Bottom line, it’s costing you money, and resources.

How can you combat this epidemic of inefficiency in your organization?

Coaching has become an imperative to meet the demands of a workforce that puts greater emphasis on growth and development as a necessary step toward fulfilling leadership roles.

Employees who receive coaching report boosts in performance by 71% (on average) and in satisfaction by 68% YET 54% of respondents report that they do not receive any kind of coaching from their managers.

But that’s not all of it.

Developing self-awareness is key to growth .

Abraham Maslow said it best; “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” Based on this premise, it’s important to acknowledge that:

  • Self-awareness is NOT exclusively self-created
  • Direct, detailed, and in-the-moment feedback is crucial to helping everyone grow; yet supply is often limited
  • Assessments, classroom training and & coaching are part of the solution yet fail to “catch us in the act of leading” and can be limited in developing deeper, in the moment awareness
  • Learning by doing is proven to be the richest path in reinforcing and/or building new skills

  • There are three things that develop leaders to have a greater impact on their career journey, and those they work with to build a thriving company culture .

    Thing #1 for HR Leaders : Participating in a learning experience that encourages them to do things differently

    When you hone in on different skills to work outside your knowledge base you will discover new ways to improve relations with your team.

    Thing #2 for HR Leaders : Evaluate strengths and weaknesses in real-time simulations by doing, not telling

    Getting ‘out of your comfort zone’ is essential if you want to discover how your behavior impacts others. By doing so, it will allow you to see where you can improve as a leader and how you can create a successful and inspired team.

    Thing #3 for HR Leaders : Leverage this awareness to create lasting change in leadership habits

    When you understand what coaching as a leader should look like, and are put to the test in a coaching simulation you can see the focus necessary to make real change in your own behaviors. The concepts are immediately applicable and can be applied in the real world as soon as the next day .

    These 3 Things are not just good ideas . They are essential if you are to break the cycle of low engagement , retention and inefficiency. By engaging these ideas you give everyone on your team the opportunity to unlock their full potential by giving them the tools to lead at a higher level.

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    About DX Learning Solutions: Unlocking Human Potential

    Our programs have been proven to increase self-awareness, highlight potential blind spots that could interfere with performance and validate or unearth strengths. Coupled with in-the-moment coaching , participants will walk away with specific action plans to deepen their confidence and broaden their skills to lead effectively. This will increase promotability of participants, engagement of their teams, and simply put, make the whole company more human.

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