Want More Clients? Give Up These 5 Things

All the gurus, coaches and other so-called experts on the internet tell you what to do to become successful. Some of them have good advice. But all of it’s useless if you’re sabotaging your own success.

A large part of becoming successful is about what you stop doing, not what you start doing.  When you quit the things that hold you back, you can unleash incredible success into your life—even if you don’t do anything the “gurus” say you need to do. 

In this episode, you’ll find out 5 things you need to quit to get more clients without adding a ton of activities to your calendar.  Ready to cut out what’s holding you back? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • The odd reason quitting coffee can get you more clients (2:09)
  • How being bad at three marketing channels gets you more clients than being great at one (8:23)
  • The exact moment you should stop following up with a prospect (even when you’re convinced they’re not interested) (11:31)
  • Why being the smartest of your friends can sabotage your wealth building and repel clients. (16:31)

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