‘Tis the Season Not to Procrastinate


Here are details of everything you need to take action now to meaningfully connect with clients before the holiday rush.

  • Identify your top clients you want to personally thank at this time of year.
  • Craft a succinct message to express your gratefulness.
  • Contact CardsDirect.com now to purchase beautiful, personalized Thanksgiving cards.

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Make sure you stand out above the noise these holidays. And, if you watch this video to the end, you won’t have any reason to procrastinate!

Recently at Ash Brokerage, we did a miniseries with a group of advisors regarding procrastination. The question came up about Thanksgiving and what to do.

Here’s exactly what we did when I was working at an RIA, regarding sending Thanksgiving cards to our clients. . .

We did just that: we selected a very attractive Thanksgiving card, and we had a message printed in the cards. So for instance, this one read, “May you enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving and a joyous Christmas season.” We were big advocates for sending Thanksgiving cards. (I also love sending Christmas cards because it’s a super-important season, and we want to remember exactly why it’s so important, but Thanksgiving cards get there ahead of the Christmas rush. A lot of people receive numerous Christmas cards. You can be ahead of that rush by sending out a Thanksgiving card.

You’ve seen the message that we had printed in one year’s card, and then I would handwrite a little note. An appropriate message for this year might be something like, “With everything that’s happened the last 20 months, I’m so thankful you and your family have remained healthy. I’m thankful for our relationship, and I’m looking forward to an enjoyable Christmas season and a great 2022. Thankful for our friendship, God bless, Paul.” And that was it. So you can see it’s a very succinct handwritten note in that card, and that’s it. And then you simply mail it off.

So you have no reason to procrastinate now. I was actually on the phone to CardsDirect.com this morning to make sure if you order these cards over the next 48 hours, you’re going to receive them in plenty of time to send them to that top group of your clients.

So, to do this most effectively,

  1. Select the group. Select those 20-40 clients you are going to send personalized Thanksgiving cards to.

  2. Create your message. Just keep it short and succinct. I’ve read you mine; you can go back and use that as an example.

  3. Connect with CardsDirect.com. Click on the URL link above. I’m not receiving any kickback for this. I simply know the impact that receiving these cards had on our clients.

If you respond now and take action, you’re going to be able to have a beautiful card like these I’ve shown you to send to your clients, letting them know that you are thankful for working with them, you are thankful that they and their families are healthy, and you’re looking forward to a fun Christmas season, a happy New Year, and a great 2022, as you continue working together.

I look forward to bringing you another Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea next week.